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Soprarizzo Velvet


Soprarizzo velvet, also known as “soprariccio” or cesellato velvet, is a handwoven, opulent jacquard velvet from Italy characterised by its combination of cut and uncut pile. It is one of the most precious velvets in manual production. It’s woven with silk thread on original 18th-century looms and requires a complex manufacturing process combining cut and […]

Kutch Weaving


The traditional Kutch weaving is a 600-year-old tradition. It is done by an extra-weft weaving technique, where a weft yarn is used in the warp of the loom. The weaving with extra weft creates the distinctive designs with geometric patterns. The characteristic, intricately handwoven motifs form the identity of the Kutch weaving. Shawls are woven […]

Khadi textile



Khadi is a hand-spun and hand-woven fabric from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan mainly made out of cotton. This is an artisanal heritage handloom textile,made entirely in hand crafted processes—from spinning the threads on a charkha (spinning wheel) to weaving on handloom. The cloth is usually woven from cotton and may also include silk, or wool. […]

Nanjing Yunjin is an exquisite kind of silk brocade from Nanjing, China. “Yunjin”, meaning “beautiful as clouds at sunset”, is a more than 1500 year old craft incorporating fine materials such as silk, gold and peacock feather yarn. In the Chinese tradition of weaving Nanjing Yunjin brocade, two craftspeople operate the upper (sorting threads) and lower parts (weaves) […]

Li textiles


The traditional Li textile techniques by women of the Li ethnic group on the island of Hainan, China, were recognized by Unesco  in 2009 as in Need of Urgent Safeguarding on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidering are employed to make cotton, hemp and other fibres into clothing and other […]

Al Sadu

Middle East

Al Sadu is a traditional weaving technique practised by the Bedouin people.