Soprarizzo velvet, also known as “soprariccio” or cesellato velvet, is a handwoven, opulent jacquard velvet from Italy characterised by its combination of cut and uncut pile. It is one of the most precious velvets in manual production. It’s woven with silk thread on original 18th-century looms and requires a complex manufacturing process combining cut and curly velvet. The result is a unique fabric with silky and brilliant tones and a three-dimensional design. The artisanal weaving workshop Luigi Bevilacqua in Venice, Italy, one of the very last remaining producers of this fabric, explains that the daily production by a skilled weaver is approximately 30 centimeters of fabric.



How is Soprarizzo Velvet done?

Soprarizzo velvet is only woven by hand on traditional looms and requires a trained and skilled weaver. Patterns are created by a combination of flat weave, cut pile and uncut pile, resulting in an alluring textile with a 3D optic.


What is Soprarizzo Velvet used for?

Soprarizzo velvet is used for high-end upholstery and luxury interior design and decoration.


What is the history of Soprarizzo Velvet?

Velvet has been a symbol of power and wealth for centuries, deriving its name from the late Latin word "vĭllūtus," meaning the hair of fur-bearing animals. Popes and aristocrats have favored this fabric, that is still used in classical, luxury interior design and home decoration.

Where does Soprarizzo Velvet come from?

Soprarizzo Velvet is a craft from Europe

Venice, Italy