die Vorstricker* – traditional knitting in the Alps, reconstructed

We are happy to introduce our project die Vorstricker* a cooperation between The Craft Atlas and fashion designer Teresa Mair. Die Vorstricker* examines traditional knitting techniques and patterns from the Alps. We research and document traditional knitting techniques and patterns from the regions of Tyrol, Vorarlberg, South Tyrol and Bavaria. The findings are taken up and reinterpreted through fashion- and graphic design into a contemporary, locally manufactured collection.

The project is based on an innovative product-service concept creating regional connections while offering interested audiences input and insight into the process through co-creation workshops and open studio hours. In this way, we can simultaneously support an appreciation of regional craftsmanship and explore new creative paths. The resulting fashion collection will be based on a local value chain and the creative input, ideas and skills of participating craft-experts.

The title die Vorstricker* derives from the German words Vor (forward, ago, ahead) and Stricker (knitter), connecting traditional and historical values with future-forward thinking.

Austrian-born designer and architect Teresa Mair lives and works in Tyrol, Vienna and Helsinki. In 2017 she founded her eponymous label and studio in Innsbruck. Her Coat Couture line strives to create the unique identity and personality which increases the consciousness of value and quality in a garment.

“The costume as well as architecture illustrate ideas of space and movement — both draw from materials in 2D and together create complex three-dimensional worlds.”
— Teresa Mair

The collection and research has focused on historical textiles and textile archives. We have visited different craft museums – Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum in Innsbruck, Vorarlbergmuseum in Bregenz, Textilmuseum in St. Gallen – as well as consulting individuals, books and online platforms.

The first in a series of co-creation workshops just took place in Dietenheim, Germany. The next workshop will happen in Innsbruck on July 13, 2018. Two more will follow in the coming months. To give an insight to the process, open studio times at the Teresa Mair studio in Innsbruck will be announced as well.

More info and workshop registration by email at atelier@vorstricker.in, check out the project website for more info, studio and workshop dates.

The project will go on until the end of the year, ending with the presentation of the final collection and exhibition, in Innsbruck and online.

Die Vorstricker* is realised with the kind support of aws – Austria Wirtschaftsservice.

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