About The Craft Atlas

Connections, Craftmanship & Culture

Craft reflects our connections

It weaves a thread of community, memory and creative expression through our human experience, along trade routes, across continents, in small villages and big cities.

Embroidery patterns, weaving techniques, symbols – among all uniqueness set by human hand, recurring patterns can be found in craft products throughout the world.

The global artisan economy employs millions

The handicraft sector is the 2nd largest employer in the developing world, with a majority of women artisans. It is a driver for entrepreneurship and trade on the one hand, for artistic expression and intangible cultural heritage on the other. Handicraft has an impact – on livelihoods, on everyday life and on the shaping of culture.

The Craft Atlas is a map to the curious and the common

We collect and disseminate resources, knowledge and visual communications. We connect people for trade, production and creative collaborations, craft-based supply chains and artistic intercultural exchange – for more cultural appreciation and less appropriation.